Air Conditioner Maintenance: Do’s and Don’ts

air conditioner maintenance

Buying a new air conditioner for your home? You must be excited to switch it on and start cooling the entire house. Before getting into any action, read through the manual and learn how to operate the AC.

The manual may have all the technical information including warranty and maintenance information you need. However, it probably won’t have the information that this article unfolds. Here are the best tips you can get for dos and don’ts of AC maintenance for the family who cares about their investment. There are a number of reputable companies that can assist in HVAC maintenance and performance. Click to learn more about best practices for AC service and maintenance.


1. Keep it Clean: Remember, if it is dirty, it is ineffective. A clean AC will always be in excellent working condition no matter how many years back you bought it. Wipe dirt and debris off coils and drains as often as you can.

2. Change Filters: After every three months do change the filters of the AC for its effective operation.

3. Tune it Up: Get the AC professionally tuned up after every four to six months. The professional can check the AC for any technical issue and resolve it before the issue exaggerates.


1. Overuse: Just like us, the AC also needs some rest. Please don’t keep it on even when it is not in use. Keeping it on will add to the utility bill, but will also downgrade AC’s performance.

2. Don’t Cover the Vent: Allow proper circulation of air for AC to operate correctly. Keep away electronics, books, plants, and other stuff from the vent of the AC.

3. Don’t Compromise on Set Up: You may want to save money on installation. But using wood or bricks as a mounting system for the window air conditioner would result in air leaks and cost more in terms of electricity bill.

There are very expensive and also cheap air conditioning units you can buy for your home. No matter which one you use and choose, it is essential to follow the tips above so it can remain efficient and functional in the years to come.