How to Maintain Air Conditioners at Home

How to Maintain Air Conditioners at Home

Anyone who has an AC must at least know the basics of how to maintain air conditioners at home. This helps us feel confident that the AC will remain working efficiently all year round, anytime of the day. Sure, you need to call a professional contractor for assistance in maintenance every few months or so, but it is also great to know the basics of how to do it on your own. 

1. Understand the type of AC: First, try and understand the kind of air conditioner you have at home. Is it a window AC or split AC? Understanding its types can help improve its working as you will be better aware of things that you should consider while washing and repairing the AC.

2. Vacuum the Fins: The fins of the AC catch most dirt as it suctions the air from the outside. Gently vacuum the fins as they are fragile. Check the manual of the AC provided by the manufacturer.

3. Fixing a Noisy AC: If your AC has been making a lot of noise, it is probably because it has a damaged compressor and fans. Repairing the fans and replacing the compressor can help. But, it is wise enough to ask a professional for a proper analysis of the problem.

4. Unclog the Condensate Drain Tube: A clogged condensate drain tube would restrict the working of the AC, and you may experience leakage in the AC. Unclog the drain tube by inserting pan tablets into the drain tube. You can buy pan tablets from home centers and plumbing supply stores.

5. Replace the Filter: The furnace filter may need clearance for the effective working of the AC. To clean the filter, turn off the AC and take off the power plug from the socket. Vacuum away any debris and wash the fins. Now remove the fan and clean the filters located in the interior of the AC.

These were some easy ways to ensure the effectiveness of the AC. Make sure to clean the fins, unclog the condensate drain tube, and vacuum any dirt before turning the AC on to beat the summer heat. When you’re not sure, make sure to call your local HVAC contractor for help!