The Proper AC Capacity for a Room

ac capacity

A proper AC capacity is vital to beat the heat of the summer without drastically increasing the electricity bill. An air conditioner with lower than required capacity will consume more of electricity and have a decreased lifespan and the same implied with the AC of high capacity. Therefore, it is crucial to find the right size of AC for your room.

To calculate the right size of AC for your room, first, calculate the area of the room and then divide it by 600. It means that a 100 sq.feet will need an AC with a basic capacity of 0.167 tons (100/600). This is the capacity of the AC that you need to keep a room cool in summer for a person. But, if five people share the room, you will need AC with 0.8 tons capacity. This, however, is suitable for a room that is exposed to mild to moderate summer heat.

For room or house, that experiences 45 degrees temperature outside in summertime will need an extra 0.5 ton for additional cooling. In short, the proper AC capacity for a room largely depends on factors including – size, number of occupants, and the geographic location of the room.

Remember this simple rule – it is always better to have an AC with a higher capacity for a room size than one with lower capacity; however, choosing the right size AC for a room is always top priority. But of course, you wouldn’t really install an AC meant for a large office for a tiny bedroom, right?

There is, of course, a range of ACs available in the market with an energy efficiency rating. Investing in them can save you money on electricity bills. In case you are buying AC for the first time, you can always ask the retailers to recommend an AC with the best suitable capacity for your room. However, it is essential to note, just like any electrical appliances, AC requires regular service and maintenance for effective cooling. You may find the right AC capacity for your room. But, without proper maintenance, the AC may not work effectively and add to the utility bill.